life in the cottage, georgina hannaySo my name is Georgie (Georgina, G) whatever you fancy calling me. Being the only grown up I am obviously the main author of all of the content (lets face it the cat hasn’t got much to say). I went through cervical cancer when I was 24 which was rather an ordeal and then struggled to have Arabella shortly afterwards, ending up spending 7 months of the pregnancy on bed rest. Three months after Arabella joined the scene me and my husband split up and went through rather a difficult divorce. This was where my blog was born, I decided to start sharing more of my life on social media and writing was the natural progression. The blog has diversified over the last five years but we share as much of the highs lows, crafts, baking, thoughts and events that we can.


Little Arabella (who all of a sudden isn’t so little any more) is rather a character to say the least. She loves to dress up, join in the with the crafts and baking and just generally make as much mess as is humanly possible for such a small person. Arabella spends the majority of her week with me but visits her dad twice in that period so sometimes shes with me and sometimes shes not. Believe me when she is here you will know. Arabella naturally has become rather an animal lover and has plans to become a vet when she grows up (which lets face it could save me a lot of money). She is a huge fan of mindless YouTube videos starring toys and games so if her head is in the IPad that’s what shes doing.

The Chihuahuas

The dogs (or my fur babies as I regularly tell them) Seb, Xena, Logan, Hetti, Valentine and Tich are all purebred Chihuahua’s. Logan, Valentine and Hetti are shown on a regular basis and Logan went to crufts in 2018 and 2019. Hetti and Seb had their first litter of puppies in February 2019 with plans for more in the future.  They all spend most of their days amongst the pack loose in the garden or sleeping on one of the dog beds, sofas or in a ray of sunshine coming from the window, a pretty special life for some pretty special dogs.

The Cat

archibald life in the cottage

Archibald was rescued from a house where three older cats were bullying him and now lives a life of absolute luxury. He was born in August 2017 so is technically only a baby still (though he’s growing on a daily basis) He is like no other cat in that he loves to be carried, loved and regularly walks on a lead (I know) He lives outside at night otherwise he keeps everyone up but is allowed in every morning (normally minus his collar) to spend the day on Araballa’s bed surrounded by fleecy blankets and teddies. He is not a very good ‘cat’ as in hunting, balancing, hissing. But we love him just as he is.

The Ponies

Little Daisy joined the family in November 2016. Given to us by a very good family friend she came to spend her days being groomed, lightly ridden and basically just loved. At the grand old age of 22 she is no spring chicken. Her health is not 100 percent so she does’t tend to do much these days but we do go and visit her everyday for mucking out and carrots. Again a very well loved family member (of course not when Arabella falls off) but luckily that’s only happened once!


Mr Fox joined the family in May 2018. Having spent a good chunk of his life doing nothing. We started from scratch and everything is going according to plan. He is a 16.3hh Warmblood gelding, soft as you like and very unaware of his size.


Brad is the latest addition to the stables. He is a Welsh Section A gelding with a mean little attitude and the ability to capflage his white coat in mud within 30 second of being turned out or stabled. Brad is Arabellas pony and together they have plans to take over the world (in ‘mummy terms’ she is walking and trotting confidently on him). 

The Chickens

In the past we have had a vast number of Chickens in a variety of breeds/colours and sizes. Mr Fox has sadly been the end to all of that so now we just keep four ex battery hens (all going by the name of Donut or henny penny) and Peter the ginger cockrell. They are safely caged behind mesh to keep them safe and spend their days being spoiled with leftovers from the kitchen and plenty off attention from us. The daily egg collection makes it all so worthshile.

The Lambs

The lambs ‘Pixie & Stella’ came in to our lives in March 2019. Both orphans without mummys who relied entirely on being hand reared. Now almost full grown sheep they live in the field with Pete the Tortoise and the Hens and keep the grass nice and tidy for me.

The Extras

 As if that wasn’t enough pets there are two more extras. Arabella has a pet hamster called Olive, who as far as Hamsters go is an absolute SAINT, she’s never bitten, been nasty ot shown anything but kindness but does have a tendancy to chew her way through cages (we are now on cage 5). Pete the Tortoise we inherited from our elderly neighbour who sadly passed away three years ago, Pete is actually a girl and aged at around 102 so doing pretty well. He/She goes into hibernation in the cooler months and spends the summer months mooching round with a lettuce leaf in his mouth.

A journey of Cancer, Divorce, Anxiety and Panic, Motherhood, Interior Design, crafts and an obsession with Baking and fashion all rolled in to one. We live in a little Cottage just outside of Bristol with our dogs, Daisy the miniature Shetland, Fox the Warmblood, Archibald the cat and our flock of fancy chickens.

The cottage is anything but new and everything inside it is either bought second hand or hand made. We do crafts and baking on a regular basis and everything to the smallest detail is gold, cream, white or duck egg.

We share everything and anything we get up to and would love for you to come along for the journey.


We share videos on Youtube almost every single day and as always covering every aspect of life. Vlog episodes, labelled so you can easily follow along, hauls, morning routines, tips, DIY, Life Updates and lots more.

The Blog

Photography and Videography are two huge passions in my life and they run through everything I do. Whether it be birthing puppies, baking or just wondering aimlessly round a pretty village.

We share everything on our blog. From recipes to travel adventures, fashion ideas, home interior styling, mental health issues we cover it alll