The Blog

I'm not overly consistent at writing blogs as find much more joy in making videos to tell a story but we do share various bits and bobs on the blog so feel free to pop on over and take a look


We share between 2-3 videos per week covering all aspects and realities of life. You won't find any polished content it's all raw and relatable. If you have any requests for videos or have a question please use the contact page and get in touch.



Daily stories and posts going up every day. If you want a daily fix then this is where to head.

To be completely transparent we do work with brands occasionally, this helps to fund the cottage and everything in it.

Get in Touch

If you've go t a question please feel free to get in touch. I am online as much as life allows me but even if it's not an instantaneous reply I will always get back to you!

Thanks so much for following our journey/life/home and pets.

Georgie x