‘Mummy, I’m Bored’.

Those three words can scare and frustrate even the most together parent.

There is nothing worse than having a to-do list spilling over three pages whilst you try and occupy your children with whatever you can find lying around. The summer holidays are by far the biggest test for any family with 6-8 weeks of solid ‘family time’, constant demands and the pressure to make everyday fun and memorable.

Though kids deny enjoying any part of school, bar the last day of term or Tuck Shop Tuesday, they do actually enjoy learning; it’s sometimes just how it’s presented to them.

We’ve been given the opportunity to be able to try and test the new KiwiCo kids’ subscription box, just at the perfect time, the summer holidays!

Arabella asks endless questions about how her body works. I think I have exhausted Google for answers so I needed some help educating her on this one. When we received our first KiwiCo subscription box and realised it was focused on the human body, I was rather relieved (clearly paying no attention in Biology has had a huge impact on my understanding on how the digestive system works).

The box included all the information I needed, in child-friendly wording, presented in a box with hours’ worth of activities for her to do (and instructions!).

Another massive tick for this is the fact that it came in the post. Arabella is disappointed on a daily basis when our postman comes with nothing but letters and deliveries of stock or oven cleaner (yes, I lead a particularly wild life!). Once a month she now gets her own delivery, just for her, and she loves it.

We tried and tested the box, both learnt a lot and proceeded to have a lot of fun, especially with the stethoscope (it’s safe to say all six dogs have a heartbeat!)

There are lots of different subjects to work through and giving Arabella a bit of a project of her own was a real confidence boost for her.

We’ve been lucky enough to be given our own exclusive landing page offering you guys your first month’s subscription entirely free (just the postage cost of £8.00). We can highly recommend giving it a go: www.kiwico.com/lifeinthecottage

Georgie & Arabella xx