‘You’ll know when it’s time to buy a new mattress based on how you feel when you wake up.’

Apparently I didn’t know this fact when I blamed my bad sleep on everything else possible but the mattress. I would wake up sweating, aching and feeling like I had run a marathon in the night.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, looking back now, as a well-rested woman, I totally blame the poor nights sleep on my budget mattress and pillow combination.


The National Sleep Foundation (Who knew that was a thing!?) recommends replacing your mattress every 8-10 years. Now I’m not sure if I’m just speaking for myself here but I was overdue for a new sleep set up!  

Since sleeping with my new Remfit mattress, I wake up feeling like I’ve actually slept and might be able to function as an efficient mum/woman/adult for the day! I didn’t appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep on my mood, my body and my health.


I’ve learnt, since having this mattress in my life that I sleep best with a combination memory foam and 1000 springs, it really is a dreamy combo! Remfit have also included Cool-Gel foam which regulates my temperature so I don’t wake up feeling all sweaty as I am  regular night sweater (normally waking me an hour before my alarm making it almost pointless to go back to sleep).


Although I am cold the majority of the time, I do enjoy sleeping in a cosy bed, either a hot water bottle, but keeping the window open. If you haven’t tried this before, I urge you to try it tonight. If you take anything away from this blog post let it be

1) If you don’t sleep very well, try changing your mattress.

2) if you haven’t changed your mattress in over 8 years, please change your mattress. And

3) finally, try snuggling up with blankets, hot water bottle, your beloved cat or dog and crank that window open for a little, this combination makes for the perfect nights sleep.


Here are the benefits of the Rem-Fit 400 (which is the mattress I was #gifted and am currently sleeping on.

Weightless Pressure Relief

Our Mediflex memory foam layer which sits beneath our cool-gel infused memory foam layer is designed to gently absorb the weight of your body. This, coupled with our hypoallergenic stretched outer fabric, results in what is often described as a feeling of weightlessness.

Cool-Gel Memory Foam

Our unique layer of cool-gel infused memory foam provides advanced temperature regulation as well as supreme comfort. Overheating during sleep is one of the key reasons for unexplained waking during the night, disturbing our sleep cycles and affecting our overall rest & recovery.

If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to visit their online store (there is also a Cracking Black Friday Deal in swing!)


 Thanks as always for reading

Georgie xx